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         YIXING E.T.CERAMIC CO.,LTDLocated at the bank of Taihu lake,the old "Town of Ceramic"-Dingshu Twon,our company is a middlesized company and specialized in producing modem industrial ceramic parts.
       Yixing E.T.Ceramic Co.,Ltd main products are special ceramic of Al203,including 75%、90%、95%、97%、99%and also cordierite,talcum etc.The products are proven to be of high temperature resistant,corrosionproof, high mechanical strength and good electronic function which are widely used in machinery,electronics automobile,

Address: jiangsu yixing dingshu town electronic devices within the factory

Telephone: 6121-801 87188588 87188588 6121

Fax: 0086-510-8718 5595

Zip code: 214221

Web site: www.

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